Understanding Music Theory

Music is everywhere. People play musical instruments, people sing and people are listening to music using various devices. While it’s all around us, have you ever thought of what music exactly is and how it’s made?

Consider this as a basic definition:

Music is a way in which we put tones and sounds together in order and combining them to make organized sounds.

A Brief Explanation

Then, there’s music theory. Music theory is a term for ideas that would help us to better understand music. This explains what is going on when we are hearing music and what music does. Through music theory, it puts the practices and ideas of music in a written format where it can be studied and at the same time, be passed to others. It is one way of describing and explaining music and how it’s constructed.

So we can say that music theory is a way of understanding music in its own right.

It’s Inevitable

Basically, creating music is vital to human nature and you do not have to take a music class or be expert in it to become a musician. However, having at least the basic understanding of music theory helps you grasp ideas of how music is made, which is why this is important.