How to Play Bingo

Bingo game dates to as far back as 16th century in which several examples of the game is referred to as beano. The rules of the game are pretty much the same since then. Players have to mark off numbers to their cards against the ones that are drawn from the sack.

Change is Constant? Not in Bingo

As technology improves, the concept of the game has remained the same. In bingo, the mechanics of the game is quite simple, just cross off the numbers on your tickets or cards as they’re being called out.

The rules of the game are straightforward.

This is applicable whether you’re playing the game in a club or in an online site or app. First things first, you have to get yourself some tickets/cards. Depending on where you are playing, the cost of the cards will vary. The game starts as soon as the first number is announced. The number announced was on your card, cross it off. Say you’re playing online; the system will automatically mark it off for you.

It’s Frantic yet Exciting

But if you’re playing in a brick-and-mortar establishment, then better pay attention. The pace is sometimes fast and no one will wait for you if you’ve not heard the number. Don’t worry though; this is all part of the fun.

Until you cross out numbers and make a pattern, you shout bingo and that’s how you win.