The Impact of Music on Poker Players’ Focus

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Music has become part of our existence. In fact, everywhere you go, you’ll hear music blaring. In Korea, music may be a big part of its culture and variety. It’s evolved from being a sort of entertainment to a type of therapy. Are you feeling sad? Hear a chunk of uplifting music. Feeling happy? Celebrate along with your favorite tune. Needing a touch motivational boost? Get in your headphones and hear your playlist.

Some poker players hear music to stay within the zone. They claim that music is advantageous for them because it helps them concentrate and specialize in their hand. Music has positive effects on creativity, recent research shows that. Does it have an identical effect on other performance tasks like poker?

Like some poker accessories, music is commonly included in poker players’ necessities. A number of them cannot even play without their music. Why? This helps them keep composed and focused. Tournaments may be long and tedious – this will cause your mind to wander, lose patience and make a not so well-thought-of decision. And that is why even online poker sites such as Off Holdem (오프홀덤) include music in their platforms to help their players focus on their game.

The Mozart Effect vs. Mood and Arousal Effect

Many people assume that being attentive to music whilst working or studying incorporates a profound effect on increasing output. This belief probably could be a result of the Mozart Effect or a rise in spatial performance level after paying attention to the music of Mozart. But several experts disputed this and instead proposed that the positive effect is possible because of the present mood that someone is in at the time of paying attention to the music and therefore the actual performance of a task. This idea has evolved to become the mood and arousal effect.

Some music can change a person’s behavior and emotion, and mood and arousal effects can explain why. It’s true that some music can evoke a particular memory. This will be helpful when it involves poker. Some poker players claim that a chunk of particular music can help them remember a hand within which they need to win or make an error, enabling them to execute an improved decision during a tournament.


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Music Affects Memory Recall

Music has an unexplainable effect. Some people believe that taking note of music whilst performing a task is truly detrimental. It causes people to multitask and thus diminish effectiveness in achieving their desired goal.

A recent study showed that multitasking severely impacts the flexibility to recall several bits of knowledge. Listening whilst doing tasks had a bit negative effect on recall. Ultimately, the researchers concluded that songs can distract individuals but not the maximum amount as loud conversations or annoying noise. So, poker players would really have the benefit of paying attention to music whilst playing in an exceeding tournament. Rather than trying to mute all the varying noise in a very card room, taking note of music would allow them to concentrate more on what’s important.

Experts believe that the sort of music spells an enormous difference on whether you’ll be able to keep focused on your hand. Some loud music is a distraction, especially after you miss out on what the dealer or your opponent says.

Some counter-arguments claim that taking note of music whilst at the table can only cause them to prevent. As they continue to be focused on the music, some important things on the table are often overlooked. Like the worth of a raise or bet. One can even miss out on the number of players still within the game and this could generally affect one’s decision when calling or raising a bet. Being attentive to music may cause you to miss out entirely on the opponent’s tells if any.