Are Players Impacted by the Music Playing in the Background in Casinos?

Music is a casino’s tool to generate more revenue among its players. You may not notice it but both land-based casinos and online casinos like are strategically using music to keep people hooked into their establishment or website.

The Effect of Music Played in Casinos

This is because of the reason that they are using music to be able to create a certain level of atmosphere or to keep a player’s mood. As a matter of fact, specific genres of music have the ability of amplifying the gambling behavior of the player or offer a sense of comfort despite continuous losses. Even if music has seen changed for the past few years, popular casino music these days do include several genres that were common all the way back to the glory days of Las Vegas.

Regardless whether casinos are using live bands or soundtracks, the main goal is to create an atmosphere or ambience that is suited to the casino as well as their clients. Different music will create a different effect.

Let us try to find out more of these:

Low-tempo Music

One of the popular genres that are linked with the golden days of Vegas in the 50s and 60s is lounge music. Still today, it was able to hold its position and remained a popular choice among casinos worldwide. The easy-going sound with lounge coupled with its subtle accents created a different level of appeal to casino-goers.

This is because of the reason that it is providing background sound that induces calmness and peacefulness. In other words, it doesn’t break the focus of players. Nowadays, lounge music is played mostly in daytime, when it is required a more relaxing and soothing environment.

How about Online Casinos?

It has become a norm among online casinos to offer wide variety of games from table games, jackpot games and slot machines. Each said variety utilizes different music to complement the game. You might be hearing fast music for frantic games while a more relaxed game are associated with slower pulse music.

A nice piece of music that can be used for online games is something that should make it obvious. Playing incorrect type of music into the wrong game is going to create a different attention than what you initially expect from it. For instance, it may make players to feel irritated just by hearing the music. Being a casino operator, this is something you don’t want to happen as it translates to players leaving your site.