Content Aggregators : Driving Growth to Asian Online Casino Operators

Content aggregators contribute greatly to the growth of the online gambling sector, particularly in Asian countries where online operators face challenges.

In countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, online casinos like mega888 operate under strict regimens. Here, governments follow strict Islamic Laws that prohibit all citizens under their respective jurisdiction, from engaging in gambling activities. Although the population of both countries are predominantly devotees of the Islamic faith, not all citizens of the two countries adhere to the same religious beliefs.

Moreover, through the technologies provided by content aggregators, many Asia-facing online casino operators were able to maintain, as well as enter the Asia online gambling market without need to invest in massive and costly IT infrastructure.

About Content Aggregators and Their Importance

Content aggregators are companies that furnish a platform that igaming content developers and suppliers can use in globally deploying their online casino games to different online gambling markets. An aggregation platform reduces the complexities of having to carry out multiple integrations in various regions whilst having to meet the requirements of different regulatory landscapes.

In collaborating with content aggregators, casino games developers can devote more attention and resources in keeping up with the rapid-pace by which online gambling entertainment evolves in a short period of time.

That is why in being one of the most sought after online casinos in Southeast Asia, mega888 is able to furnish thousands of games to an ever-increasing customer base through the mega888 download. Through the services provided by a content aggregator, mega88 was able to adopt a streamlined process of acquiring and integrating games coming from major and local developers.

Moreover, content aggregation includes the integration of promotional offers of bonuses to new customers and rewards to loyal and regular patrons. Even more important is the integration of responsible gambling initiatives and preventive measures that most regulators look into. Such measures are important as they are designed to proactively curtail early signs of gambling addiction.

Content Aggregation Enables mega888 to Remain in the Reach of Asian Gamblers

The mega888 online casino, originally arrived in the Asian online gambling market via the brand name SCR888. In line with the operator’s desire to extend its reach to the many customers who want to access the casino games and betting products they offer, the gaming platform underwent changes using the igaming solutions provided by 2 topnotch igaming firms, namely Real Time Gaming and Spade Gaming.

Through content aggregation, RTG and Spade Gaming refurbished the SCR888 platform with a sturdy connection to a cellular platform. The improvement made it possible for the online casino operator to deliver a diverse collection online slots, card and table games by way of mobile devices. After installing a safe and secure system by which existing SCR888 and new customers can access the online and mobile casino platform, the operator re-emerged in the Asian online gambling market as mega888.

As the turns of events have it, the new and revitalized online casino, now operating as mega888, has the ability to offer not only a massive selection of online casino games from different developers but also to improve player gaming experience by offering bonus credits and rewarding loyal patrons with credit rewards.