How Music is Impacting a Person’s Gambling Pattern?

Music is extremely powerful. You may not notice it but music has the capability of changing our mood, perceptions and behavior. This has been backed by extensive research for years as well. Because of that, music is selected with great care depending on the situation to influence decisions and thinking. As a matter of fact, the soundtrack that you hear when buying in a retail store is meticulously chosen to impact your purchasing decisions. It could also change your point of views on how long you wait in queue.

Likewise in casinos both offline and online like, they are taking advantage of music as a psychological tool. It is able to create an ambience or atmosphere be that upbeat tempo, exciting and exhilarating or more into the mellow side; regardless this encourages visitors to play longer and relax.

While the general impact of music on behavior has been thoroughly researched, there’s been a very specific study with its impact on behavior when gambling.

Where does High Tempo Music Brings You?

Back in 2007, Griffiths, Trigg and Dixon had published a study focusing on gambling and music. They have focused on what effect it creates for 60 participants playing roulette using no music, slow tempo music as well as fast tempo music.

In the study, it showed that the tempo has influenced the pace of betting, with faster bets occurs while playing high-tempo music. This showed incredible insights to how the background music may be used in increasing the speed of betting.

Low and High Tempo Music Results to Aggressive Gambling Patterns

In another study that was funded by Norwegian Research Council, 5 experts focused their efforts on doing an in-depth study with how music influences gambling propensity. The research tracked 101 participants as they are playing a card game. Half of the participants were listening to slow-paced jazz while the rest are to fast-paced pop music.

The results; it revealed that while fast-tempo music has brought faster betting face, slow tempo music has the ability of influencing player’s decision. With a slower music, more bets were being placed.

Because of these studies, casinos became more meticulous when it comes to the selection of soundtrack or songs that will be played in their facilities or sites as background for their games. After all, there are numerous songs related to gambling. As for aspiring players, it is important to play in moderation.