Indonesia’s Tourism Drive Includes Traditional Music and Art Attractions

Indonesia’s traditional musical instruments never fail to impress tourists, as their origins are from ancient times, dating as far back as the Bronze Age. The archipelago comprises 17,508 islands, with each island having its own traditional music and art to represent its culture.

Bali and Jakarta have been the country’s strong tourist destinations for years. Yet unlike in other Asian countries where high-end casinos have been integrated in hotels and resorts, the Indonesian government remains steadfast in excluding gambling as part of its tourism drive.

Aside from the country’s ancient temples, scenic beaches and lush greeneries, Bali and Jakarta offer traditional art and music as entertainment.

Gamelan, the Most Famous Form of Musical Entertainment in Bali

Gamelan is the most famous form of musical entertainment in the island of Bali, mainly because it originated in the island itself. The term gamelan actually refers to a tuned ensemble of percussion instruments, gongs, drums, bamboo flutes and metal instruments in various shapes, e.g. bars, bowls, plates, rods and tubes.

In dance-drama presentations usually showcasing customary Indonesian practices and costumes, or in long-established puppet theatres and other forms of nondance theatrical entertainment, performances are typically accompanied by a gamelan. Some ensembles include male singers called gerong, which in Javanese means singing in unison. A gerong typically sings the chorus of a gamelan composition.

Gambling Still a Major Part of Indonesian Culture

Although the Indonesian government prohibits gambling as a way to comply with Islamic teachings, policymakers have not legislated any specific anti-gambling laws. Nonetheless, local law enforcers are deployed to crackdown on illegal gambling dens, and those caught participating in gambling activities are imprisoned and punished in accordance with the Sharia Laws.

Still, most Indonesians grew up in environments where some form of gambling is a favorite activity, when and where groups of family members or friends gather together during celebrations or just to socialize. That being the case, the arrival of online gambling platforms in Indonesia has been met with eagerness by many locals.

Online casinos gave Indonesians the opportunity to experience the excitement of judi online; of being able to access a broad selection of modern video slots and casino table games within the privacy and comfort of their own homes. They have long pined for real casino experience, which in Indonesia, is next to impossible.

There are no legally established casinos in Indonesia, and even if there is, the majority of the people cannot gamble openly in light of their Islamic vows. Not a few envy their Asian neighbors, where gambling is not entirely canceled as a culture. Local residents are permitted to play in a physical casino specifically designated by their governments.

The State of Judi Online in Indonesia

The legalization of judi online or online gambling in Indonesia is still a remote possibility. Firstly, the country is still in a battle with the COVID-19 pandemic. More so now that a variant from India called Delta has been spreading globally. While staying indoors is the best way to avoid infection, the pandemic has been boosting online gambling activities in Indonesia.

Online slots are still the popular choices among older folks but online baccarat is emerging as the latest favorite among Indonesian men. Actually, judi online slots that offer sports betting and esports wagering options have become the go-to gambling sites for the younger set of gamblers.


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