Influence of Music to Gamblers


Much research has been done on the influence of music on gamblers. They are fairly recent studies. The studies from the fifties in supermarkets are much better known. They brought a large number of new insights. And these were gradually applied, tried, or researched in other places as well.

In those supermarket studies, the scientists and marketers didn’t just look at music. They included all kinds of possible influences in the study to measure the influence on our purchasing behavior. Such as light, the position of the product on the shelves, the position of the sales posters and offers, and more.

Influence of music

In general, it was found that people are more sensitive to unconscious stimuli when they do not have to make a difficult choice. In other words, if they don’t have to think much, people are more receptive to suggestive messages.

After the first studies, supermarkets had a unanimous opinion about music for a long time. With slow, calm music, people spend longer browsing the shelves and (possibly because of this) spend more money. It was the beginning of the conscious use of muzak and elevator music.

Kind of music

Casinos have also been implementing the insights from the surveys at supermarkets for a long time. And have their own investigations done, of course. As we wrote before, they looked at light, carpet motif, placement of the devices, and the like. But recent studies have been added. For example, was the influence of music on the gambler? Is it different from someone who goes shopping?

Influence of music on the gambler

What is the influence of music on the gambler? Not only casino owners and gambling entrepreneurs asked themselves this question. Scientists also wanted to know. Most of them looked at the question neutrally. But some were especially interested in the negative influence on the gambler. As always, scientists remain cautious in their conclusions. But summarizing many studies, we can reveal that music does have an influence on the gambler.

However, it is not easy to come to a unanimous conclusion. Most studies on the influence of music on the gambler have been conducted recently. And they started from different angles. One researcher looked at music and gambling behavior, another at the type of music, the risk of addiction to certain music, or the increased production of dopamine through music.