These Songs Are All About Gambling

In connection with casinos, music not only has to remain unobtrusively in the background. Some well-known songs are about gambling and the special atmosphere that prevails in the big casinos.

The Gambler

Kenny Rogers performed this song in 1978. It was written in 1976 by Don Schlitz. In the song, Kenny Rogers meets a player on the night train who tells him his best tricks in a classic way over a cigar and a drink.


In 1985, pop icon Madonna also sang about gambling. The song is of her own pen and describes the character quirks that the singer sees in players.

Roll of the Dice

In this song, Bruce Springsteen talks about the dice game craps. The track appeared on the 1992 album Human Touch. The Boss likens gambling to love because both involve high stakes and are closely related to wins and losses.