What Football Fans are Saying about Closed-Door Soccer Matches Until 2021

Public health experts are projecting that allowing football fans in stadiums during soccer matches, can happen only in 2021 if a vaccine is already available. In the meantime, sports events are broadcast live via national TV networks, as well as streamed simultaneously in cable TVs or pay per view streaming platforms. Although, no one seems to be complaining, the changes have had some positive effects among sports fans.

While the English Premier League 2019-20 season ended without fans in attendance in stadiums, and the new 2020-21 season began the same way, several sports enthusiasts expressed different views and opinions about matches being held behind closed-door sports arenas.

What Do Sports Fans Miss Most about Watching Live Games in Stadiums?

Although most sports lovers have gotten used to the idea of doing nearly everything from home, not a few have expressed missing the experience of watching sports matches in stadiums. Generally, those who do so say they miss the communal atmosphere and the electrifying feeling of being amidst cheering and standing crowds of fans.

Many miss the sense of unity, especially when popular team theme songs play during games, as fans usually stand up to hug each other while singing songs in unison. Doing so creates a feeling of giving their team the morale booster needed in firing up athletes to work toward winning the game.

Some others say they’re beginning to like watching games at home more than they do in stadiums, since they can avoid certain unpleasant experiences. Aside from being able to get good signals, they are able to seat comfortably in their favorite chair with unlimited leg room.

What they do not miss is the waiting in long lines when needing to buy food or relieve themselves. Watching sports game at home is the certainty that they will not be sitting next to a spectator who has had one drink too many, or have to seat in front of inconsiderate, chair-kicking spectators.

Sports Matches Held Closed Doors Do Not Make a Big Difference

Yet it’s also interesting to note that there are football fans who say that not being able to watch live games in stadiums does not make a big difference; except for the cost savings which are more than welcome during this period of economic crisis. Aside from being sports enthusiasts, many of them are also avid sports bettors. As such, most of them are inclined to watch the game replays on TV, because there were some occurrences during the game that they missed or need to see up close. .

In Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, football fans are more than happy that they can watch major league games streamed in real time. Although betting on sports games is not legal in Indonesia, the country being a predominantly Muslim nation, the non-Muslims are thankful there is what they call a Situs Judi Online they can trust. After all, for many Asians, part of the excitement of watching football games is the thrill of winning bets staked on a football team that they predicted would win.