Why Playing Rummy Card Games is Extremely Popular in india

A proof that rummy is extremely popular in India is the fact that even the country’s Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that it’s a game of skill and not of chance. The decision, had once and for all settled the complete legality of satking wagers on rummy games as it conforms with the 1957 legal principle that placing and winning money from games of skill is not gambling because the outcomes are not based on chance.

Background Story about the Indian Supreme Court’s Rummy Ruling

The origin of the Supreme Court’s ruling was the adverse decision handed down by the Madras High Court in 2012. The latter ruled that the Mahalaxmi Cultural Association was illegally running a gambling facility for allowing card game players to wager stakes on rummy games.

The decision was quite controversial that even operators of online rummy games joined the petition for the Supreme Court’s reversal of the Madras High Court’s ruling since it would set a legal precedent that will affect their business.

The 2015 Supreme Court decision therefore upheld the legality of playing rummy online including those that involve wagering real money stakes. Not unless, there is an existing state law that expressly prohibits all forms of online gambling activities.

Arguments that Uphold Rummy as a Game of Skills

The rules and mechanics of rummy games require players to strategize when competing against other players in a race to complete matched sets of cards in proper sequence. Effective strategizing requires the application of mathematical skills when deciding, which cards held as hands have better chances of attaining completion as a winning set, whilst observing the playing cards being discarded by other players.

Playing Rummy Stimulates and Exercises the Brain

Since staying sharp and and active when playing rummy is of utmost importance, rummy games counter the playing mechanisms of games of chance on which winning is dependent on random outcomes.

In games of chance like slots and roulette, players do not engage in stimulating activities that keep mental facilities in healthy conditions. Mainly because the game processes are beyond the control of players and winning a game is purely dependent on one’s “bhagya” or luck. In games of chance, no amount of strategizing can sway outcomes in one’s favor.

Ability to Stay Level Headed Helps in the Development of Life Skills

Playing rummy games can also help player develop life skills as staying level headed and alert at all times increases a player’s chance of beating the odds stacked against his or her favor. Constantly applying such traits even in real life situations help players deal with challenges, as they are able to think clearly when making decisions to address issues and concerns.

In being able to make sound, spur-of-the moment critical decisions, a person’s level of confidence to deal with real-life situation increases. Becoming adept at staying cool and collected enables a person to focus on important matters when dealing with day-to-day situations.

That is why winning at rummy games is quite exhilarating because prevailing over a gem is an affirmation of a player’s skills at analyzing his or her observations of the moves and reactions of opponents.