Can Music Change a Person’s Behavior and Attitude?

Most of the time, music is being taken for granted for winning a game or creation of something. No matter what the platform, objective or format is, music does more than just delivering background entertainment. In some settings actually, it is proven to play a pivotal role and is even capable of shaping player’s performance in various ways.

Your Surroundings, Your Mood and Your Music

Perhaps, among the best case studies done to how music affect mood and atmosphere could be seen with gambling games as well as casinos. This is actually where music really stands out where it has a direct link to the gaming revenues. For the same reason, both online and land-based casinos heavily rely on the right track of music as well as sound effects to hone the player’s gaming experience and make it to their advantage.

One example for the effective use of music in casinos were in slots in which some casino slots are using suspenseful and thrilling music when the bonus symbols landed on reels.

However, how music is affecting a player’s psychology and behavior and how sounds you hear greatly influence your actions?

Music as a Mood Setter

Picture yourself walking into nightclub and what is it that you are expecting to hear – most probably, fast tempo music and heavy bass. Depending on the establishment you will walk into, the same can be said when playing in casino games.

There are certain expectations when it comes to how the game’s sound is designed in order to set the right atmosphere and create a lasting impression.

Therefore, in crazy and frantic game, you may be expecting to hear manic or fast music while in a relaxed game, the music track may have a lighter rhythm or slower pulse. As for most players, this is one thing that will be noticed rarely until there’s dissonance, in which it becomes irritating to play the wrong music in wrong place.

In land-based and online casinos like when playing in judi bola, this is extremely important. Much like any other entertainment venue, being able to set the right mood using the appropriate background music is critical to make people at ease and feel welcomed. But things are different by the time when money is put at stake. The said factors all become a variable on the casino’s bottom line.

Music and Sound FX Overall

It’s not only the music that affects the person’s mood and behavior but the sound effects used in the game too. On casino floor, it may imitate coins hitting the machine whenever there’s a payout as signal to all players on the floor that someone won. This convinces you and everyone else to push out their luck for few more times and hope that they will hear that “jackpot” sound.