Can Music Impact Your Decisions when Playing Poker?

Does music has an effect on how poker players play and put their strategies into action? Let us face it, music becomes part of our existence. The truth is, everywhere you ever go, you’ll hear music. Music evolved from being one form of entertainment to therapy. Do you feel lonely and sad? Listen to a musical piece that has an uplifting tone. Do you feel happy? Then why not celebrate it with your favorite tune? Depending on your mood, there’s a music equivalent for it.

Because Music is Universal

Same thing with gambling like playing poker, there’s a music that you can play for it. Whether you believe it or not, some gamblers and poker players in are listening to music to be in the zone.

They believe that music gives them the edge by helping them focus and concentrate on their play. According to research, music creates a positive impact on a person’s creativity. But does it create the same impact on other tasks like poker? Similar to accessories used when playing poker, music is typically included in a player’s “must-haves”. Some can’t start or keep on playing without music. The reason, it helps in keeping them focused and composed.

Especially when it comes to porker tourneys, which could be tedious and long – this could cause the mind to wander and lose its patience, resulting to unintelligent decision.

Then, the Mozart Effect

There are a lot of people who are assuming that listening to music while working on something has profound impact on their performance and output. This is otherwise referred to as the “Mozart Effect” or the increase in an individual’s spatial performance level after listening to Mozart’s music.

But there are other experts who dispute this and rather proposed that the effect is likely because of the person’s mood at the time he/she is listening to music. Later on, the idea evolved to mood and arousal effect.

This could explain why some music changes a person’s emotion and behavior. It’s true that there are musical pieces that evoke certain memory and this can be very useful when playing poker. Some players do claim that a certain piece of music helps them in remembering a hand to which they’ve made a mistake or won. Thus, enabling them come up with better decisions during tourneys.

Well regardless, it will all depend on the person on how they whether music helps them or not to win in poker matches.