How Music Impacted Casino Gaming Experience?

Listening to music has the ability to change how you are engaging with your day to day activities. There are researches showing that some people tend to break the law and drive faster while listening to exciting and high beat music. Then again, there are studies showing that listening to loud and classical music could reduce reading comprehension while listening to relaxing music can result to achieving better scores when taking intelligence tests.

Music Changes Everything

But the question is, can background music really affect how we are making our financial decisions? If yes, then which kind of music would be best to invest on? Should you go for relaxing music, slower or upbeat electronic music?

In a recent study, it explored the postulated questions by assessing how people are investing to fake money as they listen to high tempo music, low tempo music or no music at all. The outcome of that study was then published in preprint journal SSRN on the 30th of January. On the results, it showed that:

  1. People have made safer and more sensible investments as they are listening to arousing and fast-tempo music and;
  2. People are likely to make safer investments while listening to music that they feel disturbing than helpful.

The study consists of 63 participants to listen to suite of instrumental songs from different genres and also, to rate how arousing or calming they deem the genre and song. After the responses were tallied, researchers found out that the two pieces of music that the participants rated most arousing or calming is a relaxation mix from new-age musician Karunesh and electronic music mix from Deadmau5.

Business as Usual

This study and other related studies for that matter have been used by various casinos both online as well as its land-based counterpart to play songs and music in the background to entice people to keep on betting.

As a matter of fact, this is the same reason why if you play in some casino sites online like in Lintasarea, the music from every game played is often arousing and exciting. This is to live up people’s senses whenever they are placing bets.

After all, this is a normal thing for casinos are a business. And they are here to take money from you. That is the hard reality of life. So if you would not be careful with your betting decisions, good luck with your money.