How K-Pop Spurred Changes in South Korea’s Culture

Just what is it about K-pop that made its kind of music globally phenomenal? How can songs in mostly Korean language be addictive to a global range of audience? What people generally agree on when it comes to describing K-pop is that musicians and their music can be agreeably flamboyant and sexy yet at the same time wholesome.

The Enduring Popularity of the K-Pop Culture

South Korean artists have been making waves for more than a decade now, ever since the Wonder Girls hit the the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2009 with “Nobody” The all female group was a delight to watch; nearly identical-looking yet singularly beautiful Korean women in sexy retro-style fashion — singing and dancing in what can be described as cute choreography.

Yet in 2012, K-pop emerged with an even more phenomenal hit when Psy came along to not only top the Billboard Hot 100 charts but also to become a YouTube sensation for about five years. Psy’s “Gangnam Style” isn’t exactly sexy but more on the comedic side. His dance routine is nothing extraordinary yet there is something mesmerizing about his K-pop song and dance act. “Gangnam Style had in fact topped every popular music chart there is, while its music video made record as the first YouTube video to reach and surpass the one billion mark at a record-breaking 3.7 billion plus views.

South Korea’s K-pop package of songs, choreography, fashion and artists seemed to have hit the right formula, which made the country’s music industry reach a value of over $5 billion. Today, all-male group BTS and all-female Blackpink reign supreme in sustaining South Korea’s music industry, while other Korean groups are making waves as well. Their enduring popularity clearly signifies that K-pop is now a mainstay of the country’s economic prosperity. .

K-Pop Culture Helped Sustain Women Empowerment in South Korea

K-pop boy groups comprise exceptionally handsome young men whose appearance can be described as effeminately beautiful. Their striking appearances are enhanced by their fair flawless complexion, silky hair emphasized by stylish hair cuts, and fashionable dapper outfits.

The emergence of male K-pop music icons since the early 2000 effectively erased the depiction of South Korea men as rough, tough and aggressive characters in most Korean TV soap operas and romantic movies.

Yet the greater impact of K-pop culture is more evident among the female members of the society, as it helped embolden women in a male-dominated society Female empowerment in South Korea brought on many changes, which firstly included financial independence. In achieving such goals, they were able to choose for themselves whom they want to marry. Financial independence for others also meant being able to assert their sexual orientation but without taking away their innate femininity.

In mentioning sexual preferences as among the many changes that emerged in South Koreas, the pop culture has also spurred a transformation in the adult toys sector. Korean women before kept a low profile when shopping for adult toys by buying only from 성인용품사이트 (adult supplies aite). Suppliers though helped these women shed off their inhibitions by making the outlets for their adult products appear as stylish and sophisticated as any boutique they usually visit.